Whitesand Whippets

Whitesand Whippets Updates 2007


Update 07/22/07:

Wow what a summer! We're happy to say Chase now has 7 points almost half way to a Champion. It's been very exciting! Chase is a little less excited about it. I think he's just there to socialize and meet girls!

Haley seems to enjoy her traveling trips. She's been pretty good on the road. She's definitely Chase's moral support.


Update 6/07/07:

I can't believe it's already June! We've been busy with Agility and going to dog shows. Chase's first dog show since October was Eagan, Minnesota were he got Best of Breed/Best of Winners/Winner's Dog on Sundayl It was exciting! Otherwise, we have two more shows this month, hopefully good things will come of them!