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Ch Crazy Q's Tuff E-Nuff
April 16, 1995 - August 26, 2005




Odie was our little man!


We miss him a lot but know he's in a better place. Odie was originally my sister's dog. Odie was a show dog and had a great career. At the ASC nationals in 1996 Odie was 2nd in the open dog class. He finished at 13 months of age and had 3 Champions.


Odie came to stay at our house often - he enjoyed hanging out with Haley and Misti. He really enjoyed chasing Misti around the house - poor old girl. He thought that Misti was his girlfriend! After Misti passed away in February of 2003, Odie came to stay more often and in October of 2003 lived with us full time.


Odie liked to play with Haley or maybe it was the other way around - I think Haley thought that Odie was her boyfriend. Odie was a great dog to have around and I think he really enjoyed his time with us. Even when we went to visit my sister and her husband, Odie would see us loading up the vehicle and run by us so that he could come home with us. He knew where his place was and enjoyed it a lot.


Odie followed me around the house all of the time. He was kind of my dog in that way, but always loved hanging out with Travis. He was always a pleaser.


OdieIt was not long after Odie came to live with us that we  started to notice his hair was thinning. I assumed it was a thyroid problem considering Misti had that problem, but the test results came back to show that Odie was in the early stages of Cushings Disease.

Cushing's disease is probably more accurately referred to as hyperadrenocorticism -- the production of too much adrenal hormone, in particular corticosteroids.


Odie had quite of few of the syptoms - the disented stomach, drinking lots of water and the hair loss. Otherwise he seemed to act like he always did. We started Odie on medication in early 2005, hoping that we were doing the right thing.

One night in August we were awakened to Odie howling in his kennel. We brought him upstairs and noticed he was breathing hard and was very uncomfortable. We drove him to the emergency vet clinic. To make a sad and long story short we decided the following day to put him to sleep. It was an awful feeling to make that decision but we knew that Odie was not getting better and trying to extend his time would only show that it was only a matter of time before there would be no options. So that day Travis and I stood by our dog's side and said goodbye to him. It was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do.