Whitesand Whippets

May 17, 1991 - February 16, 2003

Misti's litter


Misti was the first dog I ever owned. She was such a sweetie! Misti was given to me by my sister, Vicki. She had Misti's mother Puppy Lou. My sister got Puppy from a family who did not have time for her.

Misti was born May 17, 1991, when I was 13. She was the runt of the litter. It was a lot of fun taking care of Misti. I still remember giving her first bath in the bathroom sink, she didn't like it then and I don't think she every did end up liking baths.


Misti was always a good dog...well for the most part anyway. There was Misti in 2000that one time on the 4th of July when she ran through the patio screen door. We think the fireworks scared her. Luckily we had a fenced in yard. We found that Misti had a hidden talent at Christmas time. She seemed to like Elvis Presley songs. She even started to howl to Blue Christmas. I have quite a few witnesses to this. Or maybe she didn't like Elvis and was just letting us know.


Misti's health had started getting bad around the time after she turned 9. She had a stroke or inner ear infection in late spring of that year. Misti and Puppy going down the slideThe picture above with her ball was taken a month or 2 before. Misti came to live with Travis and I in 2001 after we had Haley. Misti also ended having an obstructed gull bladder in August of 2001. We were able to remove the gull bladder and it seemed like she was feeling better, but in 2002 we had several set backs.


In February of 2003, we lost Misti. I was lucky to have Misti as my first pet. She was always a fun dog to have around, even in her older years. She gave my family and I many good Misti and Puppy going up the slidememories.


I used to take Misti to the park all the time when she was a puppy. I would take her down the slide and on the Merri-Go-Round - poor dog. Misti and her mom Puppy Lou loved this slide at the park. We'd tell them slide and they'd run up the steps and slide down. It was hilarious!