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Haley the Italian Greyhound


Haley on her bed.


We brought Haley home in October of 2000, she was our first dog together. Haley was a handful when we first got her. It had been so long since I had taken care of a puppy I had forgotten what it was like.


But Haley was not like any puppy I had before. We soon found that we had a lot of sleepless nights. It was either from listening to her whine in her kennel when we went to bed or getting up in the middle of the night to take her outside to go to the bathroom.


Most of the time it didn't matter, she didn't have a problem with going to the bathroom in her kennel like a normal dog. We had two kennels for this reason and she got a lot of baths too!

Haley by the flowers.


Haley did take a long time to potty train. She got smarter and started pooping under our dining room table where she thought we wouldn't see it. That worked until we'd walk by and smell it.


I'm not sure when it finally happened but we did end up with a great dog. I think it was the persistence on our part.


Summer 2008 in Wisconsin
Summer 2008 in Wisconsin

Haley used to have seizures, and does take medication daily. She has been doing very well. She has not had a seizure since August of 2005. She runs around and plays with Chase and runs after toys in the backyard. She also like to bark at people as they walk by our house. You wouldn't even know that she ever had a problem. We are very fortunate.