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Ari and HaleyWelcome to the Whitesand Whippets website. Our website is a little photo album of our four legged friends past and present.


My husband and I currently have three dogs. Two whippets and one Italian Greyhound. Our whippets take part in conformation.


Haley our Italian Greyhound is our first dog together. She does not do conformation, but she's usually along for the ride.


I had been interested in whippets after losing our last cocker spaniel, but had not seen too many around. After seeing them at a dog show, I knew I wanted one. Chase was Ari and Chase on the chairour first whippet and came to live with us in 2005.


We started participating in conformation and I was hooked. Ari is the newest addition to the family. He joined our household in 2008. Please check back, we should have more updates soon!








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